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I have recently been made aware of some negative comments being posted on various MK and DS pages relating to the “Legacy” project. Legacy is exactly what it says… The Legacy of our careers over 45 years of experience in the music industry. Artists that include some of the legends of rock and roll and pop music scanning 5 decades. This of course includes Dire Straits. My 2 year collaboration with MK and DS, was perhaps the highlight of this career and I am extremely grateful for Mark’s belief and confidence in me to be able to fit into the complex and demanding role as second guitarist in the best band in the world. I have nothing but praise for MK!… His songs, his technique, his friendship and his desire and ability to create such masterpieces of music… The Dire Straits legacy was born out of the wish to recreate the atmosphere, dynamics and passion of the live versions of all his great tunes and our intention was to get as close as possible to the spirit of DS albeit impossible without the man himself… During the early stages of its evolution, with the collaboration of John Illsley, Pick Withers, Jack Sonny, Alan Clark and Chris White, we saw an incredible reaction from audiences worldwide that appreciated the idea with the same passion, respect and knowledge that I experienced personally during the “On Every Street” tour back in 1991/2…
That’s 25 years ago, 25 years when MK himself gradually and deliberately distanced himself from the DS catalogue in a desire to move on. We, and I am sure you, all respect that decision, however everyone missed the music. This was underlined by the amount of people that came to our concerts to relive the emotion and excitement of the event. Interestingly, I have noted that these audiences are made up of DS fans that grew up with the music, now in their 50s and 60s and a new and younger fan base that was not even born in 1992, fascinated by the genre having watched it on video but never experienced the thrill of a live DS show. We are aware that there will always be some reluctance to accept the concept even though we do it with the greatest respect to the brand and the spirit of DS, and so we decided to continue as Legacy by making an album of original songs, songs that are inspired by all of our individual experiences played by a band of real professional musicians from every genre of contemporary music. The album is called “3 Chord Trick” and the title track relates to my experience as a session man for my whole musical life since 1971. Although the lyric is written in third person, it is in fact about me… I really hope that you can enjoy the album for what it is… an evolution, a celebration and an appreciation of a great band played by the musicians that knew it first hand, that love DS as much as you do. Come and say hi in 2018, we will be playing concerts all around Europe!

Best wishes,

Phil Palmer, Musical Director of Legacy

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