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My Life
 In Pictures

A legend Dies…

A sad photo… Possibly one of the last photo’s taken of SRV the day he died. I was almost on the same helicopter but for my good friend Steve Ferrone who suggested we swap rides at the last minute. My carry on bag was left on that ill fated copter and destroyed in the crash.

Eric Clapton

Early shot with Eric and the band circa 1990.

Calling Elvis

A nice one of me and Mark Knopfler during Calling Elvis on the On Every Street Tour circa 1991.


Me and my good lady taken in 2017.

Tina Turner

Myself and Tina ‘dancing’ on stage circa 1985.

Spin 1ne 2wo

A nice promo shot from the Spin 1ne 2wo album circa 1993.

Albert Hall

Mark Knopfler, Sting, Eric Clapton and myself at the Albert Hall circa 1997.

George Michael

On stage with George circa 2007.

The Bliss Band

A nice promo shot for the Bliss Band circa 1979.

Renato Zero

On stage with Renato circa 2012. 

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