Session Man

My Story…

“I found myself in yet another hotel room, exhausted and alone at 3 am…”

This was an era where talent was still king, a time when authentic showmen and show women ruled the stage without the need for autotune and theatrical smoke and mirrors to distract audiences from their musical deficiencies. I felt part of the cutting edge and it was exciting, challenging and rewarding. But to be on the front line you needed to stay in the loop which meant working flat out, being visible, being available, being flexible and above all being able. I had just turned thirty six and by most standards of musical accomplishment, I was doing pretty well. I had already played and recorded with some of the biggest household names of the time, featured on several worldwide chart hits and quite literally seen more than a few TV sets tossed from hotel balconies. With many years already under my belt, I thought I had experienced most of what the industry had to offer. However, I had no idea of the amazing adventures, experiences, and collaborations that were still to come in my life. These adventures would see me travel the globe with some of the biggest bands in the world, including Eric Clapton and Dire Straits. They would see me playing to TV audiences of billions at high profile events and continue to the present day where I’m fortunate enough to still be collaborating with rock and pop legends.

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